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HTML Builder XP 6.0

HTML Builder XP is a powerful, professional development environment for HTML
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HTML Builder XP is a powerful, professional and easy to use development environment for HTML. HTML Builder has been developed to include features which will help you to develop webpages faster, more efficiently and easier then ever before!

Thousands of users world wide rely on the stability and speed of HTML Builder to run personal , business and corporate websites 24 hours a day all year round.

HTML Builder XP is a fully functional software package for web development and design. It includes libraries of Java and DHTML scripts for personal and business use, as well as professional functions as found in well used programming languages such as Borland Delphi and Microsoft Visual C

Plugins for regular functions such as FTP, Telnet and others are also able to expand the functionality of all copies of HTML Builder XP.

Main features:

- HTML Syntax Highlighting
- Full FTP Plugin
- Meta Tag Wizard
- Web Developer Knowledge Base Integration.
- Live Interprogram Web Developer Chat.
- TopStyle CSS Integration!
- More then 30 language parsers. including HTML, PHP, ASP, Perl ,VBScript, JavaScript, C, C , Python and Delphi Syntax Highlighting
- XHTML Recognised Language Additions
- Instant Tag Property Editing (e.g. Delphi & Visual Basic)
- Tag Insight Drop Down Helper Lists (e.g. MSVC ©)
- Live Tag Hints (e.g. MSVC ©)
- Automatic Tag Completion.
- PHP Variable Recognition.
- Complete HTML Tidy Integration.
- HTML Tidy Code Clean-up.
- Fast Spell Checker
- Thesaurus
- Local Project Management.
- Integrated Help Files.
- Editable Code Snippets.
- Over 40 Helper menus for items such as:
- Image Insertion.
- Multiple Font Management.
- Link Insertion.
- Table Management.
- Sounds.
- Document Properties.
- Java Applet Inserion.

- Smart DHTML Insertion Script engine.
- Smart JavaScript Insertion engine.
- Over 100 special character associations.
- Heaps of included DHTML Scripts.
- Heaps of included JavaScripts.
- Over 50 Configurable options
- Developer Friendly Plug-in Support

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